Testing ROI_pac

You should get the sample test data from Open Channel Foundation when you get ROI_pac (you can also get it separately there). This allows testing of the operation of your installation. You can run the test automatically with the contrib/multitest.sh script, or do the two "make_raw" runs and "process_2pass" steps by hand. The ROI_pac internals document goes through the steps showing the output.


A common place for ROI_pac to fail is when it is matching the two SLC images to determine the necessary coregistration paramaters, using the ampcor program. It first runs a "gross" matching at a smaller number of locations with a large search distance. Then those offsets are analyzed with the fitoff program to estimate an affine transformation between the slave and master SLCs. The output is in the file "fitoff_ampcor_gross.out" which should look like this for the test data (e.g., TEST_DIR/int_930110_950523/fitoff_ampcor_gross.out ):

      << Fitoff Program >>    
 Number of points remaining =         320
 RMS in X =   0.19749243553571993        RMS in Y =   0.35261127314144114     
       Matrix  Analysis       
  Affine Matrix 
    1.0000245614    0.0000196524
   -0.0002626832    0.9999805914
 Translation Vector
     -10.658      22.246
  Rotation Matrix 
    0.9999999655    0.0002626767
   -0.0002626767    0.9999999655
 Rotation Angle (deg) =  -1.50502674772483684E-002
  Axis Scale Factors
   1.0000246   0.9999806
  Skew Term

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