Wish list of improvements to ROI_PAC

0) SCANSAR data from Envisat and ALOS. Work has begun on this at JPL.

1) SCANSAR-standard/fine beam combination (Envisat and ALOS). Some work already done by Ana Bertran Ortiz and Howard Zebker at Stanford.

2) IntSim: I have a couple of suggested improvements:

3) SCH_TO_DEM: It seems this has been upgraded from the old version that I used successfully around the year 2000, but no longer produces any result for my South American data. Since my old version only works on the SGI and I no longer have access to a working SGI I haven't gotten far in debugging this yet. I've also added quadratic baselines to inverse3d.pl

4) Azimuth offsets: There are some scripts that are almost ready for prime time (but they are partly in matlab). In addition, along-track InSAR (Bechor & Zebker 2006 or the Scripps groups 2008 paper on the Altai earthquake) capability should be added.

5) For my own homework, I'm working on a new and improved missing line detector for ERS (particularly important in South America) that I'll release soon (I hope).

6) Non-affine resamp_roi (use the full offset field via rubber-sheeting like what the glacier folks use and Sang-Ho Yun did for the Galapagos)

7) Use DEM during co-registration process (may be required for X-band data?) (This has perhaps been done by the Scripps group?)

8) Add capability to process Seasat, SIR-C, TerraSAR-X, Radarsat-2 and Cosmo-Skymed data

9) PLR ALOS data (perhaps already done by Stanford?) This is in the ALOS_preproc package released in Aug. 2008.

10) Improve capability to handle scenes with different PRF's (particularly for ALOS) This is now done and tested and is in ROI_pac 3.0.1 release.

13) Allow baseline re-estimation using a co-seismic model when processing images as date2-date1. So far, the substraction "interferogram - model" assumes that the interferogram is created as date1-date2. Taking this into account, should only require a test at the end of "removeModel.pl" which would allow "add_cpx... 1" instead of "add_cpx... -1" if interferogram is created as date2-date1.

14) Create seperate process_*.pl scripts for speckle tracking (both in range and azimuth) and geocoding of amplitude images (without need for full InSAR processing)

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